What is GameMusicAndSoundEffects?

Basically, it’s a really long word. It is also a royalty free stock music and sound effects store, mainly created for video game and app developers.

What is royalty free audio?

It is an audio material, you don’t have to pay royalties (a percentage of earnings or a recurring payment) for, beyond what you pay when you purchase the audio.

I can hear voices on top of the music. What’s going on?!

It’s all in your head. JK, it’s an watermark. You’ll get a clean WAV version without the strange voices, after you purchase the files.

What payment method do you accept?

Currently just Paypal.

Who is behind GameMusicAndSoundEffects?

The composer Leon Riskin. All of the audio on this site is created by Leon and contains a lot of his work for the audio stock industry from the past years as well as new music and sounds that are being extracted from coffee beans as we speak.

What license do I get when I buy your music?

You get a royalty free non-exclusive irrevocable license for a single use of the music in yours or your clients game/app. Notice that some tracks are liecnesed under “Creative Commons”.

Why do the music tracks on the site have no proper ending?

Most of the music tracks here are looped versions. Some have additional variations in the ZIP. They’ve been checked to loop perfectly, and you can check it out too in any standard audio/video editing software. Regular music players usually create a tiny gap in looping mode and won’t serve as a good test for the looping. You need to have zero latency.

Why are the purchased files in WAV format?

when you buy the audio – music or SFX, you get the audio in the original uncompressed format – WAV 16bit 44kHZ, so that you can start off with the best quality.

I converted my WAV loop into an MP3 and it won’t loop perfectly now. I hear a stutter each time.

when you buy the audio – music or SFX, you get the audio in the original uncompressed format – WAV 16bit 44kHZ, so that MP3 is not the best format for looping music. It might work fine for ambient sounds and various noises, but the process of encoding to MP3 chops off 10-30ms from the ending of the file. It is noticeable in music and may sound as stutter in the looping. If you can, use WAV. OGG is a good alternative for mp3 too. You can create small OGG files if you don’t want to work with WAV and they should stay intact.

Do you have a special deal for the entire catalog?

Not at this time

Do I have to credit GameMusicAndSoundEffects.com or the composer Leon Riskin in my game/app?

Your license allows you not to if you choose so. But it would mean a lot if you would. Just put “Leon Riskin” as the composer of the music, in the credits. Checking in to say hello and dropping the link to your new and awesome game would be even best. It’s always great to see where the music ends up. Tracks under CC, however, require the correct attribution.

What is “Creative Commons” and how can I use the tracks under this license?

“Creative Commons” or CC, are tracks you can use in your project, with the correct attribution:

Track Name by Leon Riskin
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Check the link about to learn more about the CC 3.0 license

Are you available for custom work on a game soundtrack?

Yes. Though pricing won’t be anything close to the prices on the tracks here. One minute of custom made soundtrack varies from 350-550$. It depends on the genre and the complexity of the music. Reach out to talk about your project.

I like the music but I need a different version. Can you modify the tracks on the site?

Get in touch. In some cases, there is an option to create a slightly different variation for the loop

I am a composer. Can I submit my music to be sold here too?

Not in the near future. Drop a link to your online portfolio, and if one day this will become a platform that accepts new composers, we’ll contact you.

I registered to the site but can’t find the password to log in.

The password is usually sent to the email you entered on sign-up. If you still can’t find it, get in touch, and a new password will be generated for you.

I completed the checkout but haven’t received a download link. Where is it?

If the payment was successful you should be redirected to a thank you page with a download link. You should also get an email with your order confirmation and the download link/s and if you log into your account, in the “Downloads” tab, you’ll find the audio files you purchased with a download link for each file. You can return there in the future if you misplaced your downloads, and get the files again along with your invoice. The files are available for download for 90 days.

I’ve seen some of these tracks on other royalty-free stock platforms with different versions, prices and licenses. How come?

Leon Riskin have been selling stock music for quite some time now. Some of these music loops here originate from full tracks he produced, that are longer and sometimes have different versions. As this platform is mainly dedicated to audio for games and apps, only loop versions are sold here (unless stated differently) and the license is simplified and aimed for the music to be used in games and apps, rather than in other projects and mediums.

Can’t I use this music in my podcast/Youtube video/commercial/radio spot/infomercial….. just in games and apps?

The main use of these loops and sounds is for games and apps. Do get in touch if you need if for other types of projects.

Is there any discount for buying in bulk?

Not at the moment.

I like the music but I’m not sure how it’ll work with my game. Can I sample it before I purchase it?

Yes. Navigate to the product page of the track, you’ll find the button “Download Demo” next to the audio player. The music will open in a new page. You can right-click and save it on your device.
*NOTICE – it’s a demo MP3 file containing the audio watermark for protection, and as explained earlier, mp3 files don’t loop well. The WAV you’ll get after you purchase should loop perfectly.

Can I buy and download music from a mobile device?

You should be able to. Though it would be much more comfortable to navigate on a computer.

Can I remix the music I purchased?

No. The music on the site is meant to accompany games and apps as a whole. You can, however, adapt the music for your project by cutting, fading, editing the length or adding a voice over on top of it.

Can I use the audio I purchased in several projects?

This is a single use license – for one game/project/app.